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             Marialyce Hunziker Havey, Kathy Fromme Loving, Nancy, and Francis Fromme for the Fromme branch

             Tony Hudgens and Ran Raider for the Hudgens branch

             Sara Aebersold and Jan Bodine for the McArthy branch.

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“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”

         — Winston Churchill

Barbara FrommeCharlton

Frosty Fromme, age 9, c. 1926

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From Cousin Nancy, Francis Fromme’s youngest daughter:

“The horse's name was Ol’ Pete.  He was a field horse and then later was the kids' riding horse.  They also had a riding horse named George; Dad said that George Corrigan used to ride George the horse quite a bit, and Dad never knew if George the horse was named after George Corrigan or vice versa (haha).  Dad said that your father was probably around nine years old when that photo was taken.  He also said that several years later, Grandpa (Frank Fromme) traded Ol’ Pete, along with saddles, bridles, and other accessories, for an automatic seed planter...and ‘Frosty’ and ‘Red’ were so upset to see Ol’ Pete go.”

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