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John Zachariah Hudgens was the fourth child of William Louis and Anna Durham Hudgens, He was born May 23, 1832, in Robertson County, Tennessee. 


The 1850 Census of Robertson County, Tennessee shows John Zachariah as an eighteen-year-old member of the household of William Hudgens.


Permelia was born July 22, 1837, in Robertson County, Tennessee.  John and Permelia were  married Permelia Harris September 25, 1856 in Cheatham County, Tennessee.  Some records show her name to be Amelia, but that could be an error in transcription.


The 1860 Census of Cheatham County, Tennessee shows John Zachariah, at age 28 Permelia at age 26, and their first two children.  His name is listed among tax records for Cheatham County, Tennessee, dated June 7, 1862. 


On June 17, 1862, he signed an Oath of Loyalty to the Union.  The document also was signed by Signed by Edward H. East who was the Tennessee Secretary of State, "By Order of Brig. Gen. Andrew Johnson" who was then Military Governor of Tennessee. Both East and Johnson were opposed to secession.


From "During the American Civil War, political prisoners and prisoners of war were often released upon taking an ‘oath of allegiance’. Lincoln's Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction featured an oath to 'faithfully support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and the union of the States thereunder' as a condition for a Presidential pardon." 


He could have been a political prisoner; however, he had not yet enlisted in the Army at the time he signed the document.  The document might have authorized his moving to Illinois.  The family moved to Williamson County, Illinois, the summer of 1862.


John Zachariah enlisted as a Private in the Union Army in Marion, Illinois, on September 26, 1862.  On November 4 of that same year, he enlisted in Company E of the 128th Illinois Infantry Regiment.  He transferred to Company K of the 9th Illinois Infantry Regiment on April 1, 1863. 


John and Permelia had nine children: William Henry (1857-1897), Richard (1860-?), James  (1862-?), John (1864-?), Samantha (1865-1887), Luvenia (1868-?), Ellen (1871-1960), Thomas  (1873-?),  and Cora (1876-1963).


The 1880 Census of Township 8, Range 3E of Williamson County, Illinois, shows John and Permelia living with their eight youngest children in Township 8, Range 3E of Williamson County, Illinois.


Permelia died on August 4, 1887.  She is buried in the Harmony Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery in Williamson County, Illinois.


On July 8, 1890, John Zachariah married Harriet Worthen.  They had one child, Levi (1891-1965).  Levi lived Peoria and Morton, Illinois.


John Zachariah Hudgens died May 26, 1917.  If you know where he is buried, please tell me.

John Zachariah and Permelia Harris Hudgens


Claire’s Chart Showing John Zachariah

1850 Federal Census of Robertson County, Tennessee

Record of Marriage of John Zachariah and Permelia Hudgens

1860 Federal Census of Cheatham County, Tennessee

1861 Map Showing Approximate Route Hudgens Family Took from Virginia to Tennessee


1862 Cheatham County Tax Records

Oath of Loyalty

1880 Federal Census of Williamson County, Illinois