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William Louis Hudgens was born the first child of James Robertson and Elizabeth Gibson Hudgens, in 1797, in Cumberland County, Virginia.  In 1820, he married Anna L. Durham


Anna Durham was the third child of Samuel and Sally Durham.  She was born October 8, 1803,  in Surrey or Iredell County, North Carolina.


It is stated in “Uncle Ham’s” Alexander Hamilton Hudgens (1854-1934) Bible which was passed to Grace Hudgens Davis, that the Durham family came to Tennessee from North Carolina in the period 1800 to 1809. It was at about the same time that the Hudgens’ clan moved from Cumberland County, Virginia to Robertson County, Tennessee. One hand-written Bible statement claims the Hudgens came in 1809; other people say they came in 1811. 1


William and his brother John Thomas were married to sisters, Anna L. and Nancy Durham, respectively. The sisters were possibly first cousins to Nancy Delaney Durham who married Daniel Hudgens, the brother of William and John Thomas. 2


In 1850′s or 1860′s, William moved with family to Illinois and settled. His descendents are there today. 2

The 1850 census of District 15 of Robertson County, Tennessee, lists William as a farmer, 52 years old, and Anna at 48.  The 1860 Census of the third district of Cheatham County, Tennessee shows them to be 63 and 57.


William and Anna had eleven children, all born in Tennessee: E. Susannah (1823-1875), Emily (1827-1907), James Samuel (1830-1917), John Zachariah (1832-1917), Christian (1834-1860), Thomas Benton (1835-1909), Aaron L. (1836-1880), Mary A. (1840-1918), Rebecca Delilah (1842-1882), Anna (1843-1850), and Moses (1844-1906).


The 1860 census of Cheatham County, Tennessee, shows William and Anna living there with three of their children  They  moved to Williamson County in Illinois, between 1860 and 1865.


William and Anna died in Williamson County, William in 1865, and Anna April 29, 1887.  Claire’s records indicate William was buried on the Amos Strobel farm.  Anna was buried in the Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery in Williamson County.



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William Louis and Anna L. Durham Hudgens


Claire’s Chart Beginning with William Louis

1850 Federal Census of Robertson County, Tennessee

1860 Federal Census of Cheatham County, Tennessee

1861 Map Showing Approximate Route Hudgens Family Took from Virginia to Tennessee