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George Sater McArthy was born in Trumbull County, Ohio, April 3, 1836, the son of George Buchanon and Margaret Steele McArthy.  In 1850, the McArthys lived in Noble Township, Wabash County, Indiana, where George’s father farmed. 


Sarah Ann McElharin was born in South Carolina, August 21, 1833, the daughter of Daniel and Sarah Ann Black McElharin.  In 1850, the McElharin family lived in District 13 of White County, Illinois.


On October 5, 1854, George and Sarah married in White County. In 1860, they lived in the Indian Creek Precinct, and their Post Office was in Rattle Snake, in White County.


They were parents of nine children: Syantha J. (1856 - ?), Josiah Francis (1857 - 1930), Mary Olive (1858 - 1937), Clara A. (1863 - ?), Andrew Ralph (1865 - 1944), Infant (1866 - 1866), John Edward (1868 - 1955), Nelson (1870 - 1880), Florence Berl (1875 - 1959).


In 1870, George was a dry goods merchant in Sacramento, White County, Illinois.  Sarah died June 10, 1877, in Sacramento.


George married Amanda Stewart on November 6, 1879.  Together, they were parents of four children: Edna A. (1880 - ?), Ullysus Owen (1883 - 1962), Alberta Lilly (1884 - ?), and Jerome Baldwin (1888 - ?).


Linda Sue Hagood, a descendant of George Sater McArthy wrote:




















George   Sater McArthy lived in the Indian Creek Precinct of White County until he died August 30, 1906.  Amanda died April 5, 1908.

George Sater, Sarah Ann McElhjarin, and Amanda Stewart McArthy

Pioneer of Indian Creek and founder of Enfield College in White County, Illinois. It is legend that his home had a grand porch and a slate roof; we do not have photos of the college. George Sater was a Deacon at Old Sharon Church near Norris City and James Mansfield Hagood was a Deacon at one of the near Baptist Churches. George Sater was reported one of the wealthiest men of the area and had a son, Andrew MacArthy, who was an attorney. All are buried at Old Sharon Cemetery near Norris City, Illinois in White County with the exception of my grandmother, Della Edna MacArthy Hagood, who is buried in Missouri. Her body was exumed in the 1950s, and moved to Missouri by her only living daughter without my dad having knowledge of her doing it until after the fact. Della Edna had died in 1915 from double pneumonia. She was a second grade school teacher and had attended the college at Enfield, Illinois. My dad referred to her as, "mommy" until he died in 1995.

Entered by Linda Sue Hagood  

From Jan Bodine and Sarah Aebersold --

This is a family gathering for Christmas dinner at the home of George Saders McArthy. Edythe McArthy is next to last child on the far right (with hands together) - believed to be her little sister Elsie on one side and her older brother Leonard (in short jacket) on the other side - the children are standing in front of their parents, Luella Fields-McArthy and Andrew Ralph McArthy, who is also holding younger son Homer in his arms. This photo was taken not long before the death of Luella Fields-McArthy. George Saders McArthy is seated near the center with his wife - based on their ages, this is probably his 2nd wife, Amanda Stewart-McArthy. Some of the people in this photo may very well be the neighbor and friend, Vibert Veatch, and his children - probably why there is reference made to Vibe Veatch on the back of the photo - plus the reference to the Devil's lane which connected their properties? I know Vibert Veatch was a Widower by the 1900 Census, but his youngest son was born in 1890 and I suspect that he may have become a Widower soon after that date? The photo was taken in December of 1893 (based on the fact that Luella Fields-McArthy died in early December of 1894 and this was a Christmas dinner photo (Florence Justice was almost as tall as Andrew, so Andrew's wife in this photo was most likely Luella, so this photo was most likely taken prior to the death of Luella). Vibert Veatch had 8 children and there are 8 children who seem to be lined up with him (he is probably the bald headed man just behind and to the left of George Sater McArthy?) and the youngest son in the line of children seems to be about age 3, which agrees with Vibert's youngest son, Raymond, who was born in 1890, plus there are 3 girls and 5 boys which also agrees with the Veatch household. Vibert's oldest son, Orvill Eleander Veatch, married Florence Berl McArthy, a daughter of George Sater McArthy and his first wife, Sarah Ann McEhljarin.


1850 Census  Noble Township, Wabash County, Indiana

1850 Census District 13 White County

1860 Census Indian Creek, White County

1870 Census Indian Creek, White County