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Andrew Ralph McArthy was born February 22, 1865, in the Indian Creek Precinct, in White County, Illinois.  He was the fifth of nine children of George Sater and Sarah Ann McEhljarin McArthy.


Luella Fields was born September 3, 1868, in Enfield, White County, Illinois, the daughter of William Minton and Harriet J. Orr Fields.


Ralph and Luella married Jun 6, 1886, in White County.  They were the parents of four children: Homer Watson (1887 - 1970), Edythe Isabell (1889 - 1973), Sarah Elsie (1891 - 1980), and Leonard Quinton (1892 - 1974).


Luella died December 8, 1894.


Florence Elizabeth Justice was born in Indiana in 1868.  In 1880, her family lived in Somerset Precinct, Saline County, Illinois. 


Ralph married Florence Justice March 22, 1896.  The six children of that union included: Vashti Justice (1897 - 1960), Esther Pearl (1900 - 1976), George Augustus (1903 - 1977), Marie Alice (1905 - 1975), Andrew Eugene (1907 - 1989), and Willard Barton (1911 - 2003).            


Sarah Pyle Eabersold, granddaughter of Edythe McArthy Pyle, and researcher Jan Bodine contributed this story . . .               


















Andrew Ralph McArthy died February 27, 1944.  Ralph and Luella are buried in the Old Sharon Cemetery at Sacramento in White County, Illinois.  The burial site of Florence Justice McArthy has not been discovered at the time of this writing.

Andrew Ralph, Luella Fields, and Florence Justice McArthy

Andrew Ralph McArthy: Born in White County, Illinois, February 22, 1865- Died at Carbondale, Illinois, February 27, 1944.  He grew up around Sacramento, Illinois, and was educated at Sterling School. He farmed, and did some horse trading etc., and by1901 he had acquired a 320 acre Farm. During this time he also owned and operated the Country Store at Sacramento, Illinois. He was a good mechanic and carpenter and built several barns and houses in this community. He was an interesting story teller, and it was a treat for his grandchildren to gather around him to listen to some of these tales, on his visits to their homes. His first wife Luella Fields died in 1894. He married the second time, in 1896, to Florence Elizabeth Justice, born 1868. About 1918, partly because of trouble between his two families, he sold out and left Sacramento, Illinois. He and his second family went to Carbondale, Illinois via Shawneetown, Illinois. On his arrival in Carbondale, Illinois he secured employment on the Illinois Central Railroad and operated a ditcher over all the company's tracks in the midwest. (From Phil Espinasse in 2000)

Homer, goat, Elsie, Leonard, Edythe, Andrew Ralph, and Florence McArthy

This was on the back of the photo of the family at home.

Andrew Ralph, and Florence McArthy

Edythe and Elsie with Ralph McArthy

Ralph McArthy with grandchildren Claire Hudgens, Joe Maier, and Ray Hudgens

Andrew Ralph McArthy and his daughter Edythe Isabelle McArthy-Pyle and her son Nicholas Wayne Pyle

Homer, Ralph, Leonard, Edythe, Elsie, and Luella

Text Box: Homer, Ralph, Edythe, Luella, and Elsie

Andrew Ralph McArthy’s Country Store in Sacramento, Illinois


1870 Census Indian Creek, White County

1880 Census Somerset, Saline County

1880 Census Indian Creek, White County

1900 Census Indian Creek, White County

1910 Census Indian Creek, White County

1920 Census Carbondale

1930 Census Carbondale

Notes from the Andrew Ralph McArthy Family Bible