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Mary Franziska Fromme was the oldest child of William and Rosena Donnar Fromme.  She was born in village of Neuenheerse, which is in the region of Westfalia an area formerly known as Prussia, in Germany, January 14, 1851. As indicated by the 1900 Federal Census, Mary boarded the ship Maryland with her parents, and they arrived in Baltimore, Maryland, October 9, 1954. She lived with her family in the Sulphur Springs precinct of Morgan County in 1870. 


Mary Fromme married Theodore Josef Knust in 1872.  Theodore had migrated from Germany in 1848. Mary and Theodore lived in New Berlin, Illinois, where they raised ten children: Theodore W., Frank, Mary Rosena, Anna, John, Gertrude, Elizabeth, Joseph and Dorathy Knust, and William Chalens.


Theodore died February 18, 1904. In 1920, Mary lived with her daughter Elizabeth Knust Meredith and her family at 205 North Walnut in Springfield, Illinois.


Mary died June 12, 1932.  Theodore and Mary Knust are buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery, near New Berlin Illinois.


* The online listing for St. Mary’s Cemetery near New Berlin, Illinois, shows a Mary Fromme Knust (01/14/1851 — 06/12/1932), wife of  Frank W. Knust, in St. Mary’s Cemetery.  This is an error. 

Mary Fromme and Theodore Josef Knust

Left to right: Marie Meyer, Dora Knust Clark, Mary Fromme Knust, Beauty (the horse), and John (Jack) Knust ... taken at Mary Fromme Knust's home.


1870 Federal Census showing inhabitants of Sulphur Springs in Morgan County

1872 County Land Ownership Map

1875 Map of Morgan County

1880 Federal Census of Sulphur Springs in Morgan County

1900 Federal Census of New Berlin Township