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Bernard Joseph “Frosty” Fromme was born December 31, 1917, the third child  of Frank B. and Elizabeth Corrigan Fromme


Bernard’s mother died in 1925.  The 1930 census shows Bernard, along with his father, his brother, and his sisters, living with his grandparents William H. and Elizabeth Fromme in New Berlin. 


Claire Hudgens was born in Herrin, Illinois, February 4, 1926, the daughter of Jesse Oliver and Sarah Elsie McArthy Hudgens.  The Hudgens family moved to a farm south of Marion, Illinois, and that is where Claire and her brother Ray grew up.


Claire graduated from Marion Township High School in 1944, and Southern Illinois University in 1948.  After that, she moved to Springfield and began working for the state. 


On December 30, 1950, Bernard and Claire were married in at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Springfield.  They lived on Birch Street in New Berlin when their first child Barbara was born.  They later moved to a farm northwest of Alexander, Illinois.  In 1960, they moved to a farm south of Alexander, between Alexander and Franklin. Bernard was a life-long farmer.


They had eight children: Barbara, Philip, Francis “Frank”, John “Jack”, Michael, Kevin, Paul, and Mark.  Frank  died in an automobile accident south of Jacksonville, Illinois, in 1979.


After the children were grown, Bernard and Claire moved to Jacksonville. Bernard died November 24, 1996.  Claire died July 15, 2010.  They are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Jacksonville, Illinois. 




Bernard Joseph and Edith Claire Hudgens Fromme

Bernard Fromme, Alice Rouland and Francis Fromme

Bernard Fromme 1930s

Francis and Bernard 1941

Jesse, Claire, and Elsie McArthy Hudgens 1940s

Claire Hudgens 1944


Bernard Fromme 1940s

Bernard and Barb Fromme c. 1954

Bernard and Claire Hudgens Fromme

Francis and Bernard Fromme and unknown young man

Frank Bernard Fromme, Mabel Rillings Rouland Fromme, Bernard Joseph Fromme, Claire Hudgens Fromme, Sarah Elsie McArthy Hudgens, and Jesse Ray Hudgens

Claire Hudgens 1948 or 1949


Back Row: Mark, Bernard, Claire, and Barb Fromme

Middle Row: Kevin, Jack, Frank, and Phil Fromme

Front Row: Paul and Mike Fromme

Front Row: Claire holding Jack, Phil, Barb, and Bernard holding Frank Fromme, 1958

Claire Hudgens

Bernard and Francis Fromme 1940s

Bernard Fromme

Bernard and Claire Hudgens Fromme

December 30, 1950


Bernard Fromme

Back Row: Barb, Phil, and Frank Fromme

Front Row: Claire holding Paul, Jack, Mike, Kevin, and Bernard holding Mark Fromme

Back Row: Bernard, Claire, and Barb, and Phil Fromme

Middle Row: Frank, Mike, Jack, and Kevin Fromme

Front Row: Paul and Mark Fromme

Back Row: Phil, Paul, and Mark Fromme

Middle Row: Barb Fromme Charlton, Mike, Jack and Kevin Fromme

Front Row: Andy and Julia McArthy, Claire, and Bernard Fromme

1985, 35th Wedding Anniversary Party for Bernard and Claire

Back Row: Mark, Phil, and Jack Fromme

Middle Row: Kevin and PaulFromme

Front Row: Barb, Mike, Claire, and Bernard Fromme

After Funeral of Elsie McArthy Hudgens, 1980


1930 Census of New Berlin Village

1930 Census of Southern Township, Williamson County, Illinois