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Daniel Corrigan was born in 1747 and lived near the village of Fore in County Westmeath, Ireland.


Elizabeth O’Keefe was born in 1763.  She was from Johnstown, County Meath, Ireland.  Daniel married Elizabeth and they had a son named John in 1786. 


The 1796 Irish Flax Growers List includes Daniel  as a flax farmer in County Westmeath.  The list includes Edward, John and Matthew Corrigan, as well, in County Westmeath.  Were these Daniel’s brothers?


According to the site, the Irish Linen Board published a list of approximately 60,000 flax growers, along with their parish or barony and county in 1796.  Farmers who planted one acre were awarded four spinning wheels, and those growing five acres were awarded a loom.  The Irish Flax Growers List of 1796 was also known as the Spinning Wheel list or the Flax Growers Bounty.


Daniel died in 1796 and Elizabeth died in 1823.



Daniel and Elizabeth O’Keefe Corrigan 

From the Green Booklet Published for 1978 Corrigan Family Reunion by Father Corrigan