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Though I never lived within the village of Alexander, I call it my hometown. It was the place I learned about Jesus, the ABCs, and the value of a dime. I learned how to hold your head up when you arrive at school in a manure-spreader towed behind a tractor, because the road had snow too deep for the school bus to pass. When school was in session, we were going to be there, come hail or high water or deep snow.


We went to Mass at the Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary every Sunday, Holy Day, and those semi-holy-days during Holy Week. I remember having to walk from school to Catechism, by myself, past the fenced yard where Rose and Gobe’s German Shepherds scared the living daylights out of me. Anyone else could walk past them with no response, but when I arrived, they barked and growled so much that I indeed was praying by the time I arrived at Church, where Catechism classes were held. Parishes had their our own priests, back then: Father Troesch, Father Kromenaker, Father Stanley, Father ? Remember???












I took the photographs shown on this page in 1979 to satisfy a photo essay assignment for a photography class at Sangamon State. I had to develop and print the photographs in the dark room at school, and vaguely recall that I didn’t receive a high grade for the submission. They didn’t really “tell a story.” Today, I am thankful that I took these pictures, because they help me remember the story of a small town, and maybe the story can be interpreted only by those who lived there at least thirty years ago. Many of the buildings are gone or have been transformed.















Alexander, Illinois, Morgan County, USA History

Alexander Grade School

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Alexander Grade School Playground

Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Alexander, Illinois


Lot near former residence of Rose ‘n Gobe, Alexander, Illinois


Methodist Church, Alexander, Illinois


Tourist Court, Alexander, Illinois


Grocery Store, Alexander, Illinois


Post Office, Alexander, Illinois


Weigand’s Gas Station


After Mass on Sunday, we stopped at the Red  & White Store in Alexander. Usually, we were allowed to purchase a nickel’s worth, which provided funds for a candy bar. Occasionally, we could buy a dime’s worth, which allowed us to choose a bottle of sody pop.