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John Francis Corrigan, first child of Matthew and Mary Kelley Corrigan, was born in Massachusetts  November 10, 1862.


His mother Mary died of Typhoid fever in 1866.   According to Dennis Maloney, son of Catherine B. Corrigan Maloney, “John, her son and my grandfather, had it too and they thought he would die also and bought two graves. Lucky for all of us he survived. I seem to recall my mother telling me this and that he was just a boy. I'd guess it was in the late 1860's. When she was younger she used to say she wanted to be buried in that grave but as she grew older she wanted to be buried by my dad.”


John grew up in the Cartwright Township of Sangamon County in Illinois. 


Elisabetha Hafner was born the daughter of Maria Anna Hafner, the 7th of September, 1866, in Sankt Martin,  the municipality of Edenkoben, Pfalz, in Bavaria.  Today that area is the Südliche Weinstraße district, in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, in western Germany.  In 1868, Anna married Franz Friebis. 

Elizabeth came to America in 1882 at the age of 16.  She married John Corrigan April 10, 1888.  They were the parents of eleven children: Matthew, Mary, Elizabeth, George, Margaret, Anna, Frank, James, Joseph, Leo, and Catherine.  James died in 1904 at only two years old.  Frank died at the age of thirteen. 

Elizabeth miscarried a child after Catherine, and it seems her body never completely recovered.  The unexpected loss of Frank in 1913 took what little strength she had left.  She died in 1914.

1n 1920, John lived on South Spring Street in Springfield.  His daughter Margaret Solomon lived with him while her husband Peter was away during World War I.  Anna, Leo and Katherine also still lived at home with their father in 1920.  In 1930, John lived with Pete and Margaret Solomon and their family.


John died in 1935.  Both John and Elizabeth are buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery near New Berlin, Illinois.

John and Elizabeth Friebis Corrigan

John F.  Corrigan  c. 1934  —

Front row: Mary Corrigan Proffitt, Peter Solomon Jr., John Solomon, Mary Jane Proffitt Devlin, Patricia Solomon Janssen

Back row: Peter Solomon, Sr., Jesse Proffitt, John F. Corrigan holding Jean Solomon Reiser, Jesse Proffitt, Sr.

John F. Corrigan with grandchildren John Solomon, age 4, and Jean Solomon Reiser, age 1

John F. Corrigan and Elizabeth Friebis Corrigan

The home of John Corrigan and family c. 1888 - 1918 on Mansion Road in New Berlin Township, Sangamon County, Illinois


Record of John’s Birth in 1862

1865 Census of Cartwright Township

1870 Census of Cartwright Township

1880 Census of Cartwright Township

1900 Census of New Berlin Township

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