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Ancestors from the Corrigan Line

Front Cover of Booklet Published for 1978 Corrigan Family Reunion by Father Corrigan

John and Elizabeth Corrigan’s Family, 1950s  —

Standing: Anna, Joe, Catherine, Leo

Seated: Matthew, Mary, George, Margaret

Frank B. Fromme Family, 1930 —

Left to Right: Bernard, Loretta, Mary, Frank, Francis

Joe, George, Margaret, Pete, and Leo

John and Elizabeth Corrigan and Family, 1912  —

Back row: Frank, Elizabeth, George, Matthew, Mary

Front row: Anna, John, Elizabeth, Leo, Margaret, Joseph

Daniel and Elizabeth O’Keefe Corrigan

             John and Bridget Masterson Corrigan

                          Daniel Corrigan

                          Catherine Corrigan and Patrick Beglan

                          Mary Corrigan and Matt Farmer

                          Thomas Corrigan

                          Matthew and Mary Kelley Corrigan

                                       John F. Corrigan and Elizabeth Friebis Corrigan

                                                    Matthew F. Corrigan

                                                                 Dorothy Elizabeth Corrigan and Ernest Mannix

                                                                 Gerald Frank and Pauline Wallner Corrigan

                                                                 James Godfrey and Mary Loughlin Corrigan

                                                                 Mary Catherine Corrigan and Lewis C. Brady

                                                    Mary Rose Corrigan and Jessie J. Proffitt

                                                                 John William and Lorraine Edith Dvorak Proffitt

                                                                 Jessie James, Jr. and Marjorie Helen Smith Proffitt

                                                                 Mary Jane Proffitt and Paul James Devlin

                                                    Elizabeth (Bessie) Corrigan and Frank B. Fromme

                                                                 Loretta Elizabeth Fromme and Bernard A. Ring

                                                                 Francis Leo and Thelma LeBeau Fromme

                                                                 Bernard Joseph and Claire Hudgens Fromme

                                                                 Mary Catherine Fromme

                                                    George R. Corrigan

                                                                 Rita Ann Corrigan and John H. Higgins

                                                                 John Francis and Agnes Schneider Corrigan

                                                                 Joanne Catherine Corrigan and Roger J. Seibert  

                                                                 Suzanne Elizabeth Corrigan and James Stein

                                                                 Patrick George and Catherine Faber Corrigan                   

                                                    Margaret Corrigan and Peter R. Soloman

                                                                 Patricia A. Soloman and William M. Janssen

                                                                 Peter George and Norma E. O’Hara Soloman

                                                                 John Robert and Shirley Lee Theobald Soloman

                                                                 Elizabeth Jean Soloman and James L. Reiser       

                                                    Anna Corrigan and George E. Chapman

                                                                 William J. and Betty Sparks Chapman

                                                    Frank Corrigan

                                                    James Corrigan

                                                    Joseph C. and Jeannette Watson Corrigan

                                                                 Janice Ann Corrigan and John K. Vineyard

                                                                 Judy Wynne and Thomas I O’Rourke

                                                                 Karen Johanna Corrigan and John W. Schroeder

                                                    Leo V. and Helen Gay Shouf Corrigan

                                                                 Timothy Joseph and Lena Osborne Corrigan

                                                                 Kathleen Joan Corrigan and Edward Neumeyer

                                                                 Patricia Lee Corrigan and Thomas I. Webb         

                                                    Catherine B. Corrigan and Robert Maloney

                                                                 Daniel Terrence and Helen S. Gonzales Maloney

                                                                 Dennis Leo and Bette Hendrix Maloney

                                                                 Gayle Colleen Maloney and Roger J. Sweitzer

                                       Mary L. Corrigan and Michael Peters

                                       Catherine (Kate) Corrigan and John Hanrahan

                          Matthew and Rose Brannigan Corrigan

                                       James W. and Harriet Cain Corrigan

                                       Bernard Corrigan

                                       Margaret (Maggie) Corrigan and Frank Kaiser

                                       Annie Corrigan and Dominic Reed

                                       Bridget E. Corrigan and James W. Sullivan

                                       Joseph B. and Anna Hington Corrigan

                                       Edward and Lillian Barclay Corrigan

                                       Matthew D. and Mary (Mazie) Tolan Corrigan