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William H. Fromme was born March 6, 1861, the fourth child of William and Rosena Donnar Fromme.  In 1870 and 1880, he lived in the Sulphur Springs Precinct of Morgan County. 


Elizabeth Freitag was born in Minnesota, July 7, 1860, the daughter of Bernard and Elizabeth Friday.  They called her “Lizzie.” 


In 1870, Bernard and Elizabeth Friday lived down the road, to the east of William Fromme’s (William H.’s father) farm.  By 1880, the Friday family had moved to the Loami Township in Sangamon County. 


On November 17, 1885, William married Elizabeth Friday, who by then was known as Elizabeth Freitag (German for Friday), in Sangamon County, Illinois.  They had three  children, including  Frank B., William, and Elizabeth M.  William died shortly after birth.


In 1900 and 1910, William farmed in Loami Township in Illinois.  Their farm is shown in the upper left corner on a 1914 map of Loami Township. 


Following the death of Elizabeth’s sister Josephine Freitag Goldsberry on April 14, 1919, the Frommes took in her daughters, Marie at age 15, and Anna at age 14.  By 1920, William and Elizabeth had moved to New Berlin. 


After their son Frank’s wife Elizabeth died in 1925, Frank, along with his four children, Loretta, Francis, Bernard and Mary, lived with William and Elizabeth in New Berlin.  In 1930, William worked as a janitor for the Church.


They had been married 60 years when Elizabeth Freitag Fromme died December 18, 1945.  William H. Fromme died November 28, 1949.   William, Elizabeth, Frank and the infant William Fromme, and Elizabeth Fromme Knepler are buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery near New Berlin, Illinois.


William H. and Elizabeth Freitag Fromme

William H. Fromme

Standing: Bernard Ring, ? Knepler, ? Knepler, Elizabeth Marie Fromme Knepler, Charles Knepler, Francis Fromme, Bernard Fromme, Frank B. Fromme, ?, Mabel Fromme

Seated: Elizabeth Freitag Fromme, William H. Fromme

Left to right: Frank Knust, William Fromme, Jack Knust

William H. Fromme

In 1945 -- Standing: Frank B. Fromme, Francis Fromme

Seated: William H. Fromme Holding Suzy Fromme, Elizabeth Freitag Fromme

William H. Fromme 1940

Their 60th Wedding Anniversary was November 17, 1945


1870 Census of Sulphur Springs iPrecinct

1880 Census of Sulphur Springs Precinct

1900 Census of Loami Township

1910 Census of Loami Township

1914 Map of Loami Township

1920 Census of New Berlin Village

1930 Census of New Berlin Village